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Strengthening corporation by developing quality human capital

Human Capital Development
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Strengthening corporation by developing quality human capital through dedicated training and mentorship

Shared Value Creation

For a company to sustain and grow, the importance of creating shared value is unavoidable. We can use the Intra-Corporate Entrepreneurship program as a means of good jobs to be done to the employees and stakeholders who will be participating. They will be prepared to become something akin to free market entrepreneurship within the corporation. This will be a social invention of considerable importance, both for individuals in it, and for the productivity and responsivity of the corporation

Authentic Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

As we are dealing with Gen Y and Gen Z who are fiercely independent, achievement-driven associates who distrust anything that smacks of bureaucracy and to stanch the talent hemorrhage in the corporation, we will provide a mentoring tool tailored to today’s young professionals by attending personal interest in their careers. Instead of a formal mentoring system, we will provide hands-on, individualized, and continuous feedback to not only your star performers, but also the “solid citizen” B players, as they make up most of the workforce, and the firm’s success rests on them.