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What We Do

To help the corporations, government, and universities in becoming versatile and flexible enough in the currently vastly changing business environment. Our advisory team is engaged with the clients to strengthen their corporate strategy by formulating the direction their organization should follow and how they should perform.


The facets of consultation in this area include:

Corporate strategy: 

Formulating business portfolio strategy, where to compete with the existing resources, how to identify corporate sustainable competitive advantage

Marketing strategy:

How to define beachhead market for emerging business, formulating market segmentation, targeting and positioning

Growth Strategy:

Establish a value proposition, define clients’ key indicators, verify revenue stream, analyze the competition field and invest in talent.


Sumantri Ishak (Founder and Managing Director, Zekindo Chemical)

Our management and engineering team was grateful to get valuable lessons regarding continuous innovation to support companies’ competitive advantage. CAP Solutions came with a well-proven framework from MIT and it enriched the innovation concept with concrete examples from its long-term industry experience. I believe that any innovation-based industry would benefit from such a framework and system approach.

Dr Febry Pandu Wijaya (Senior Manager, Product Development and Technology, INKA)

In the last several decades, we’ve seen major disruptions to the manufacturing environment. Dr. Agus and his team helped us identify and understand the key drivers of manufacturing in the future. We were advised to view digital solutions as an opportunity to upgrade manufacturing operations and create more flexibility and take advantage of interoperability of equipment, software, and solutions. Based on his guidance, we understand the importance of digital dexterity for workers and leaders in our organization. We are hoping to engage with his dedicated team to assist us in maintaining our corporate competitiveness.

Dr-Ing M Agoes Moelyadi (Assoc. Professor, Aerospace Engineering, Institut Teknologi Bandung)

At the Center for Unmanned System Studies at Bandung Institute of Technology, we are aware of the importance of bringing research ideas into commercialized products. Dr. Agus and the team introduced the framework of Disciplined Entrepreneurship of MIT’s School of Business to guide our researchers and engineers on how to run programs and activities to achieve the highest TRL (technology readiness level). His “lab to market” concept provided clear step-by-step guidance on how entrepreneurship spirit is blended with engineering acuity to create economic values. I believe that this valuable approach can yield a number of successful technology startups in the near future.